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Build your encrypted private chat in 2 clicks!.

• No account needed!
• Messages will self-destruct
• Chatdata is unrecoverable

Introduction | Help

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Chatdata will be automatically destroyed when timer ends!

  • Lifetime
  • People
  • Code

    For more options you need a Pro key.


To join a box without exchanging links you will need to enter your LocBx Pro key.

This will enable you to join a box by name and pincode.



Nothing to report. All ok!

We turn data into dust!

LocBx is an anonymous encrypted communication
tool intended to use aside other chat systems.
Just switch over to LocBx when you want to make
appointments, communicate passwords or send
personal information.

Messages will be instantly cleared
when your box lifetime ends.

The LocBx concept
• Anonymous, we provide you a name
• Your device has no (chat) storage
• Additional security options (Pro)
• Message data is unrecoverable
• ADVISED: Use a VPN Like NordVPN

LocBx is designed for
• Personal data / privacy
• Sensitive data / credentials
• Advocacy / Politics / Government
& business communication

Privacy and security features
• No account needed!
• Unique boxlink with entry check
• Unique encryption for every message
• Security warnings inside box
• Autodestruct of boxdata
• SSL encryption

• Phone: IOS / Android (DeGoogled advised)
• Desktop: Win/Mac/Linux/Chromebook
• Tablet: IOS / Android

LocBx Pro features
• Pincode on entry
• Instant box destruction
• More than two people can join
• Intrusion detection / warnings
• Multi server (Coming soon)
• Box lifetime selection

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Contact / support / orders: [email protected]

Help is on the way!

Step 1. Click [CREATE BOX] button to start.
Step 2. Set your preferences, click [BUILD]
Step 3. Wait for box to be generated
Step 4. Click [COPY] to get the link
Step 5. Send the link to your contact(s)
Step 6. Click boxname to enter
Step 7. Wait for your contact to join

LocBx ensures

• All data is highly encrypted
• Self destruct is inevitable
• No data can be recovered
• Our visitors are unknown
• We cannot help in tracking users
• Pro keys are not linked to users

To server encryption

With VPN added to LocBx your outgoing
message is encrypted at 3 levels!

Known issues

• Some providers block our encoded data over WIFI.
Solution: Use VPN or mobile data.
• Sometimes the boxlink is pre-checked by a platform.
Solution: We fix this after detection.


Mail your question to [email protected].

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What the VPN?!

It's simple. A VPN provider can change
your location and puts an extra encryption layer to our current two layer encryption.

We strongly advise our users to enable a VPN service like:

• NordVPN
• AtlasVPN
• PrivateVPN
• IPVanish
• ProtonVPN
• VyprVPN
• ExpressVPN
• PureVPN
• SaferVPN

You can install it on any device! ;-)

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Pro keys are exchangeable and do not
link to any account or person

Pro features!

• Pincode on entry
• Box lifetime options
• Instant box destruction
• Up to 15 people can join
• Intrusion detection / warnings
• Android App available

Buy now

60 EUR
(6 x 10 EUR)

Transfer 60 EUR to BTC wallet:

We will provide your key within several hours

Build your own box? click here

Contact / support / orders: [email protected]